”Push the limits for what you thought was possible.”

Challenging the seemingly impossible has been our passion and drive for more than 50 years of chainsaw development. Going far beyond what we thought was possible to achieve. Leaving the already trodden paths and being inspired by the pursuit of progress. This philosophy has led to a long list of pioneering innovations for efficient professional forestry. Resulting in chainsaws that gives you the self-confidence and capability to tackle every challenge out there, to make the impossible possible.

”Small details that make a big difference.”

Everything we do is about making the job easier for you. A host of ideas - often small and important details - come to fruition when we are out test-driving machines. All these experiences are brought back to our headquarters where engineers, designers and production staff work closely together to transform new thoughts into ground breaking solutions. We refuse to add a new technical feature or design detail to the chainsaws just for the sake of it. Any changes we make have to have a major impact on work, helping you become more productive in some way in the forest.

”We spent several years helping you to lose weight.”

Is it feasible to cram a chainsaw full of highly advanced engine technology such as X-Torq® and AutoTune™, increase output by 10-15 % – and still lose weight? The answer is yes. Our new 500 series of chainsaws proves exactly this.

When we started our concept study, the aim was to create the optimum saw, with maximum power and minimum weight. We broke the chainsaw down into the very smallest detail, and scrutinised the 200 constituent parts. Each sub-system was analysed in minute detail, including the screw lengths in order to keep the overall weight down.

We managed to slim down the entire rotating system including the crankshaft and flywheel by 1-2 hectograms. We developed a new starting spring that weighs 30 grams less than a traditional spring – but with the same force. And we achieved the same weight gain by designing a new, thinner clutch drum. Moreover, by tilting the cylinder backwards the saw body was made lower and sleeker.

The end result...

Take the 560 XP® model – even though it is packed with new technology that is quite weighty – is around two hectograms lighter than its predecessor the 357 XP®. In fact, we improved the power-to-weight ratio with 15 %. We like to say that we created a 60-cc saw that is as powerful as a 70-cc and as handy as a 50-cc.

Pär Martinsson
Engineering Manager
Handheld R & D, responsible for the concept study of the 500-series

”Take pole position for future challenges.”

The benchmarks were world-class racing cars when we developed our new 500 series of professional chainsaws. We crammed them full of innovative technology that enables you to be far more efficient. We carefully selected each component to keep the weight down. And we made the saw bodies as low and narrow as possible, thus ensuring the shells fit tightly over the engine and other components without any unnecessary air pockets. All this gives you irresistible power and design. Just like the characteristics of world-class racing cars.