Innovating the future

tags 325 year anniversary, Husqvarna, innovation
In 1689 the first Husqvarna plant – a weapons foundry – was established in the small town of Huskvarna in the south of Sweden. Over the years, our passion for engineering has paved the way for numerous innovative solutions in very different areas – from rifles and sewing machines to motorcycles, kitchen equipment, chainsaws, lawn mowers and much more. As we see it, it’s all about constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards in technology and usability. We call it innovating the future.
29 September 2014

The secret behind the Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw - An allrounder without compromises

tags Chainsaw, Husqvarna
What exactly does it mean when something is said to be a good “all-round” product? Does it mean that it is good at everything? Or do we mean that it does its job adequately but without being really good at any one thing? Perhaps the truth is that most of the products that are referred to as “all-rounders” are not particularly “all-round” when you come to think of it. But there are some, and here we would like to present one of them, the new all-round Husqvarna 435 chainsaw.
29 September 2014

The World’s First Track vs. Tree Challenge

tags Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, Iwan Thomas, pole climbing
A gravity defying pole climbing record holder stunned sprint star Harry Aikines-Aryeetey in the world’s first Track vs. Tree challenge. Harry, fresh from winning bronze at the European Championships, ran 100 metres on the track whilst Grant Gallier, pole climbing record holder, scaled a 25 metre pole in a stunning bid to travel faster than the star sprinter – vertically! Both event’s fastest times come in at around 10 seconds, setting up a nail biting finish.
23 September 2014

The 2014 World Pole Climbing Championships

tags Chainsaw, Forest, forest and garden, Husqvarna
The world’s greatest pole climbers are back to tackle the towering 25 meter vertical wooden poles at the World Pole Climbing Championships. World records are on the line as experienced and new competitors aim to scale the pole faster than Usain Bolt can run a flat 100 (his world record stands at 9.58 seconds!). The championships are sure to prove a heart racing event as climbers chase for the coveted number one spot.
01 September 2014