Our flat saws always deliver.

Husqvarna flat saws are reliable, productive machines ranging from big and powerful to small, agile flat saws. We always design our products with the user in focus, to secure maximum performance with a minimum of strain. It's our innovative thinking and hands on experience that enable our flat saws to create a class of their own.

"Husqvarna supports everything around here that we do."

Kris Gooding - Texas Concrete and Coring

Count on productivity. Cut down on emissions.

The new Husqvarna FS 7000 D and 5000 D are faster, cleaner and smarter. The powerful modern diesel engines have low emissions and provide fast, efficient sawing. The new, intuitive digital control panel and other smart features help you work more efficiently.


  • The higher engine power and torque increase the maximum cutting depth and speed.

  • The electronic tracking control makes it fast and easy to cut in a straight line.

  • You can produce deeper, straighter cuts, which increases your productivity.


  • FS 5000 D and FS 7000 D are the world’s first flat saws to comply with Tier 4/Stage IIIB emission regulations. Download the Certificate of Conformity here

  • They are equipped with electronic fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation systems for more efficient combustion.

  • The particle filter (DPF) on FS 5000 D and the catalyst (DOC) on FS 7000 D reduce emissions in the exhausts.


  • The machines' clever design, the many smart features and modern technology make usage and maintenance easier, which in turn means higher productivity.

  • The intuitive control panel makes the machines easy to operate, while the conveniently located servicing points and lifting devices help minimize service and setup time.

Our innovative technology in the flat saw range make the difference.

  • Straight and fast cuts

    Our electric tracking system lets you easily make tracking adjustments while cutting.

    Low maintenance

    The Husqvarna patented blade shaft system; Intelliseal, which is implemented on most of our floorsaws, allows a minimum of up to 500 maintenance-free hours without daily greasing of bearings.

    Low Vibrations

    All of our small floorsaws have low vibrations. The FS 500- and 400-series has a engine and blade shaft mounting system that gives better cutting performance and also reduce vibrations. Along with the low-vibration handlebar this makes work less tiring for the operator during long shifts.

  • Better power transmission

    Specially designed to last longer than conventional belts. Our Poly-V Belt requires less re-tensioning and provides better power transmission.

    F 1200 Diagrip™ series

    Diagrip™ distribution of diamonds in the segments yields superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cut. Because of the high power level of the floorsaws there are narrow water slots in the steel core to maximise blade life. The shape of the segment ensures the tool cuts freely from when you first apply the blade. Laser-welded up to 30" / 750 mm diameter.

    S 1200 Diagrip™ series

    The S 1200 Diagrip™ is a new series of diamond blades that enable the operator to work efficiently, even in heavily reinforced concrete.

A complete range

All our flat saws provide class-leading power and torque at the bladeshaft which means greater productivity when deep sawing.

Motor manufacturer

Diamond blade, max

Max cutting depth


John Deere

1500 mm / 60 "

620 mm / 25 inch

955 kg / 2122.2 lbs

Motor manufacturer

Diamond blade, max

Max cutting depth



350 mm / 14 "

125 mm / 5 inch

54 kg / 119.05 lbs

Accessories for flat saws

Diamond blades for flat saws

Husqvarna flat saws

Road Saws

Motor manufacturer John Deere, Diamond blade, max 1500 mm / 60 ", Max cutting depth 620 mm / 25 inch, Weight 955 kg / 2122.2 lbs

Motor manufacturer Yanmar, Diamond blade, max 900 mm / 36 ", Max cutting depth 375 mm / 15 inch, Weight 680 kg / 1499.12 lbs

Motor manufacturer Yanmar, Diamond blade, max 900 mm / 36 ", Max cutting depth 374 mm / 15 inch, Weight 771 kg / 1700 lbs

Motor manufacturer Deutz, Diamond blade, max 1000 mm / 42 ", Max cutting depth 411 mm / 17.5 inch, Weight 1032 kg / 2275 lbs

Small floor saws

Motor manufacturer Honda, Diamond blade, max 600 mm / 24 ", Max cutting depth 241 mm / 9.7 inch, Weight 231 kg / 509.26 lbs

Motor manufacturer Honda, Diamond blade, max 457.2 mm / 18 ", Max cutting depth 189 mm / 7.6 inch, Weight 163 kg / 359.35 lbs

Motor manufacturer Yanmar, Diamond blade, max 500 mm / 20 ", Max cutting depth 189 mm / 7.6 inch, Weight 145 kg / 319.66 lbs

Motor manufacturer Honda, Diamond blade, max 450 mm / 18 ", Max cutting depth 162 mm / 6.5 inch, Weight 99 kg / 218.25 lbs

Motor manufacturer Subaru, Diamond blade, max 350 mm / 14 ", Max cutting depth 125 mm / 5 inch, Weight 54 kg / 119.05 lbs