04 June 2012

Husqvarna renovates olympic arena in Brazil

There is a construction boom in Brazil. The host of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics is busy building an infrastructure that can cope with the two mega events. One of the most prestigious projects is the remodeling of Maracana, the ancient open-air stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Husqvarna is a proud supplier in the project.

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Maracana - an iconic arena

Maracana - an iconic arena Maracana - an iconic arena
Maracana will be the jewel crowning the World Cup and the Summer Olympics, with the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics and the final World Cup matches held within its walls. The arena was built for the first World Cup in Brazil in 1950, when Brazil lost the final game to Uruguay. The expectations of all Brazilians are to see the national team stand as winners in the same arena in the 2014 World Cup. 
Before this can happen, though, the arena must under go a complete refurbishment. It’s a historical site, therefore its façade won’t be modified, but the inner part is modernized in order to comply with FIFA regulations. A major, prestigious construction job. Part of the renewal of the arena was to remove the top slabs of the halls that give access to the bleachers. Each hall is 1500 meters long and 25 meter wide, the slabs have a cutting depth of 10 centimeters.

“The flat saws are ideal for this kind of job"

Rental client: Timbraz, a client of Husqvarna Brazil Rental client: Timbraz, a client of Husqvarna Brazil
The rental company Timbraz is supplier of the three contractors in the renovation project;  Odebrecht Infraestrutura, Delta Construção and Andrade Gutierrez. Timbraz recommended the contractors to use Husqvarna’s flat saw FS 400 for the removal of the slabs.
“The flat saws are ideal for this kind of job. They are safe, durable and highly efficient,” says Rildo Braz, Managing Director, Timbraz.
The company is a client of Husqvarna since 2010, and has more than 20 Husqvarna flat saws of the
model FS 400 in its fleet. The contractors followed Timbraz’ advice and cut the slabs with Husqvarna’s FS 400 and removed them with breakers. Afterwards, a new 10 centimeter concrete slab was made over the floor. Besides the flat saws, Timbraz also carry Husqvarna tile saws TS 350 and regularly buys Husqvarna diamond blades.
“I’m impressed by the efficiency of Husqvarna’s products. I’m also impressed by the commitment from the Husqvarna team here in Rio. The communication is excellent and they’re always there to help. I feel safe, and that’s what’s most important for me as a client.”
Not only Husqvarna flat saws are being used when the Maracana arena is remodeled. The company’s power cutter K 3600 cuts the roof of the arena; the drill motor DM 280 is used to drill the original seat numbers that will be used a give aways of the old arena, and some 1.000 meters of diamond wire was used to cut the bleachers.
So, it’s busy times for Husqvarna in Brazil. The company is in the market since 2008.
“We’ve had three fantastic years”, says André Menezes, Business Manager at Husqvarna. “We’re now the 
market leader in the flat saw segment. Our diamond tools are doing extremely well, too. We expect to continue the positive development.”
The new Maracana arena will open its doors in February next year. The first test of the new arena will
be the FIFA Confederation Cup, which is played in June 2013.

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Modernized. This is how the Maracana arena will Modernized. This is how the Maracana arena will
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