02 October 2013

Hire Success Story, with Husqvarna K 760 OilGuard power cutter!

Contractors Equipment Hire (CEH) based in Maidstone have always been long admirers of the Husqvarna K760 power cutter but knew they were onto something good when they were demonstrated the Husqvarna K760 OilGuard. K760 OilGuard is a hand-held power cutter designed to prevent engine seizures by detecting if the correct fuel mix has been installed. This is a common problem across the hire industry with two stroke machines.

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K760OilGuard Simon from CEH
Despite sending the machine out with plenty of oil as well as ready mixed fuel CEH were still finding that customers were putting neat petrol into the machines causing the engines to seize. This cost CEH time & money in terms of getting the saw collected, ordering spare parts, repairing the saw and sending a replacement out to the customer again.

Simon from CEH goes on to say “Once we were shown the K760 OilGuard we knew it was a no brainer as it protects our investment and the ROI is a lot greater than standard two stroke cutters as it’s never in the workshop for major repairs. In return it has given us confidence back in the machines that are an important everyday hire for us. If we ever get a call saying the machine is not running we now don’t do any guess work and advise the customer to flush the tank and refuel with the correct mix which always solves the problem, it’s that easy.”
Harry from Husqvarna comments "The power cutter can form the basis of one of the most highly utilised tools in a hire fleet often being included in a package of equipment to go on site. It can also be one of the most abused products a hirer provides to its customers, many machines function well but when a product fails the true cost can often be lost and only the monetary value of the spares required accounted for. It is not uncommon for customers to put the wrong type, wrong quantity or even no two stroke oil in a machine and then try and operate it. However this lack of lubrication will more often than not result in a catastrophic engine failure which leads to a chain of events that will result in both measurable and hidden cost. Some years ago Husqvarna identified this issue and set about producing a system that could be fitted to the power cutter that would identify the presence of two stroke oil in the fuel, if no oil was detected then the machine would automatically shut down to idle. This would immediately alert the user of a problem which would then save an expensive repair bill on the machine. In addition to delivering a saving on spare parts and a reduction in the overall annual operational cost there is also the added benefit of lower costs that are often ignored during a situation like this."

Following on from this success CEH have already added over 20 of these handheld power cutters within the last year and plan to continue adding the K760 OilGuard into their fleet.
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