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Drilling systems - your complete guide

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When you measure efficiency in terms of number of holes per hour or day, it’s just as much about useability and ergonomics as raw power. This is why Husqvarna has developed a product programme that intelligently covers every need in the diamond drilling sector – from easy-to-use electric machines for handheld drilling to powerful standtype drill systems with automatic feed.
17 August 2012

Enter the new era - hands-free drilling is here!

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Want to get more out of your working day and earn more money? With Husqvarna hands-free drilling you will become more productive. Learn how!
09 May 2012

Deep drilling at the edge of the river

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On Lindholmen by Norra Älvstranden in Gothenburg (Sweden), a spectacular drilling job has been underway for a few months. The company, Göteborgs Rivteam, has drilled 170 cm deep and 400 millimetre wide holes straight through an old concrete foundation left behind from the shipbuilding industry.
08 May 2012