Husqvarna PG 820 RC giving facelift to Formula One circuit in Germany

At the end of July a somewhat unusual surface preparation mission was completed. 5.000 square meters of a thick lacquer layer was removed from the Hockenheimring Formula One circuit in Germany. The Hockenheimring maintenance team had a challenging task ahead. They needed to remove old advertising spaces from the ground at the Hockenheimring Formula One circuit in Baden-Württemburg, Germany.
22 August 2016

Cutting an Olympic arena into thousand pieces

When Norwegian contractor Øst-Riv AS were tasked with removing the 10,000 square metre concrete floor in the Olympic arena "Vikingskipet" they turned to Husqvarna Construction Products.
04 August 2016

The Husqvarna DXR 140 keeps contract on schedule

When contracted to remove the front entrance, staircases, landings and walls of a concrete framed building Truecut Diamond Drilling Ltd chose to use the Husqvarna DXR 140 demolition robot. It’s power to weight ratio and compact size made it a ‘no brainer’, states Managing Director, Colin Walker.
01 August 2016

Hire Station choose Husqvarna floor grinders.

Hire Station have recently seen a growing demand from customers undertaking surface preparation tasks. This can including restoring and polishing concrete in a garage, the removal of epoxy or glue or levelling a floor. To meet the needs of their customers Hire Station and after looking at all the options they choose Husqvarna and the PG 280.
25 July 2016