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14 January 2016

What does the new Tier 4 regulations mean?

With the London plant emissions clamp down being in place for a month, Husqvarna breaks down what Tier IV means.
08 October 2015

Husqvarna Cut-n-Break - a more efficient way of cutting openings in walls.

Husqvarna Cut-n Break is an innovative way of cutting and is perfect for cutting opening for doors and windows. Our K 760 version was independently tested by Peter Brett from Tool Business & Hire magazine
07 October 2015

FS 7000 D makes the cut at Dublin Airport

Removing and replacing sealant on a busy airport is a tough job. When Allied Infrastructure Management was contracted by daa (formerly known as Dublin Airport Authority)to replace over 32,000lm of joint sealing they needed equipment that would stand up to the challenge, the Husqvarna FS 7000 D was used to complete the contract.
20 August 2015