K 3000 Disc cutter - Dampening dust but not performance

The K 3000 electric disc cutter is a versatile machine that provides superior dust control, it is suitable for both wet and dry cutting. This month the K 3000 cutter has been reviewed by Peter Brett from Tool & Business magazine.
26 April 2016

Stolen Husqvarna Equipment from our Leeds service centre.

On Friday 1st April a group of men broke into our Leeds service centre. They stole some workshop equipment as well some Husqvarna equipment.
07 April 2016

Visit us at the UK's definitive Railway Infrastructure Exhibition, Infrarail.

Husqvarna's equipment has frequently been used for the construction and maintenance of the UK rail infrastructure which is why we are excited to be exhibiting our products once again at Infrarail.
23 March 2016

Tight deadline required Husqvarna robot

The drilling and demolition company Göteborgs Rivteam in Gothenburg, Sweden, needed to shift into second gear when demolishing the floor of a large industrial building. For best result - they turned to Husqvarna. "The DXR 300 demolition robot really helped us make our deadline", says Jimmy Johansson at Göteborgs Rivteam.
23 March 2016