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New Husqvarna DS 900 - robust drill stand for big diameter core drilling

Husqvarna now introduces a new drill stand for big diameter core drilling. The DS 900 drill stand is the perfect match to the DM 650 core drill – part of the PRIME™ product range. The DS 900 design uses the proven and robust WS 400 wall saw column. This brings a flexible system set for demanding applications. It is the evident choice for professionals with high demands.
03 March 2015

The new Husqvarna K 970 – powerful and reliable

Husqvarna continues its long tradition of providing users with powerful and reliable power cutters. The new Husqvarna K 970 has an enhanced power-to-weight-ratio and offers optimised performance combined with a low weight and superior ergonomics.
26 January 2015

Safer and cleaner working environments with Husqvarna.

Husqvarna is a world leader in equipment for the construction industry and always aims to provide professionals with equipment that is efficient and easy to use. Safety is a priority for Husqvarna when researching and developing new products. Dust and its hazard to workers health is a topical issue within the construction industry. Husqvarna understands this and offers a number of innovative product features as well as accessories that provide exceptional dust control when cutting, drilling and grinding, helping to create cleaner and safer working conditions on site.
15 January 2015

Husqvarna introduces a new range of grinding machines - versatile and easy to use

The updated Husqvarna PG 400 and PG 280 are now joined by the new Husqvarna PG 450. All of them are robust, compact and easy to transport. “We have listened to our customers when developing the new PG 450. The whole range is perfect for users who look for both efficiency and versatility”, says Joakim Leff-Hallstein, Global Product Manager Floor Grinding, Husqvarna Construction Products.
02 October 2014


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Stolen Husqvarna Equipment from our Leeds service centre!

On Sunday 19th April around 5 pm a group of 4 men broke into our Leeds service centre. They stole some workshop equipment as well some Husqvarna equipment.
23 April 2015

How Husqvarna came to Ascension Island!

Can you imagine managing a complex construction project based 4000 thousand miles from the UK in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean? Reliable equipment and a dependable team are paramount for such challenging projects so we were delighted that UK construction specialists, Castle & Pryor, chose Husqvarna to support the building of a new fuel tank site on Ascension island.
01 April 2015

A great start to the new year!

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World of Concrete 2015 was one of the largest yet.
03 March 2015

Husqvarna, providing a complete range for the hire industry!

Husqvarna have always been a major supplier of products and diamond tools to hire companies all over the UK and will once again be exhibiting at the Executive Hire Show. The focus for the 2015 show will be dust suppression as well as showcasing new and existing products.
29 January 2015