Specialiserad service

All service utförs av auktoriserade tekniker hos våra återförsäljare, som specialiserar sig på de produkter som du använder.

Fasta priser

Återförsäljare erbjuder fasta priser för alla typer av service, och med varje produkt följer en detaljerad serviceplan, indelad i tidsintervall.

Support under hela livscykeln

Expertråd, professionell support och förebyggande underhåll under produktens hela livscykel.

A Husqvarna quality feature - our service 

There are many reasons to choose Husqvarna. One of them is that only authorized dealers sell our products. Husqvarna dealers make customer satisfaction a top priority, with expert advice, professional support and proactive maintenance throughout the product’s entire life cycle. There's a strong commitment to provide quality products and total solution offers while building solid, meaningful customer partnerships.

Contact your local Husqvarna dealer to find out how using Husqvarna products and dealer services can improve your company’s productivity and lower costs of operation.

Automower Service

Husqvarna Pre-Delivery Inspection

With our Pre-Delivery Inspection service, you can expect your Husqvarna product to be delivered in a ready-to-use condition. All the product’s safety features will have been tested and confirmed to be fully functioning. You can also expect to receive relevant product training from your authorized Husqvarna dealer.

Service Wheeled

Continuous service at your Husqvarna dealer

Servicing your machine on a continuous basis will minimize the risk of unexpected downtime. Service comprises a complete check-up, starting with a functionality check, which includes both the operational and safety system. To ensure the quality and integrity of your equipment we recommend only genuine Husqvarna spare parts. Finally, a test run is performed, and the unit is cleaned and delivered to you, along with a full maintenance service report.

Automower installation

Installation service for Automower

Although it’s possible to install your Automower yourself, we recommend you have the local dealer install the unit. They have the experience and training to do it in the most efficient manner. Most dealers offer an installation service, consult him to have your tailor made quotation.


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