Personal protective equipment from Husqvarna

Technical Extreme

If you have exceptionally high demands, our Technical Extreme range is something for you. It consists of work wear for professional use, made from strong material with a slim but very comfortable fit. The material, together with the water repellent zippers, makes it suitable for hard work, when both safety and comfort is essential.


The Technical series is a range of clothing with high protection, while still allowing you to carry out work comfortably. It’s designed to be light, strong and flexible.


Our Functional work wear has protection and is an excellent choice for everyday work in the forest. The Functional wear is made of durable material that meets the requirements for heavy working days where chainsaw protection is essential.


The Classic range is a series of affordable and durable protective clothing. All garments are designed to meet the required safety standards and have additional features making them an ideal choice for the occasional yet demanding chainsaw user.


The head is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. Protect it with a helmet from Husqvarna. We have a wide range, which comes fully equipped with hearing protection and visor that give you both comfort and protection.


Comfortable work boots means a lot when you’re facing a long day’s work. We offer a comprehensive range of foot protection with high quality materials. All our footwear has been designed for maximum comfort and stability, to meet the requirements of different types of outdoor work.


Gardener, forestry worker or arborist? Whatever task you are facing there’s a suitable glove in our range for you made with materials that ensure maximal comfort.

Hearing protection

Comfortable hearing protection is necessary in a noisy environment. We have hearing protection in several versions with padded headband, FM radio, with or without visor.

Visual protection

Visors, glasses or goggles – there are many ways to protect eyes. We know what’s needed and offer you a complete range of eye protection for every possible requirement.