Husqvarna PP 220

PP 220 is a versatile, water-cooled electric power pack developed for our high frequency-powered PRIME™ product range. The low weight, compact design and user-friendly display interface makes PP 220 very easy to use and transport. Connects to both 3- and 1-phase power.


  • A powerful high frequency power pack providing fast and accurate adjustment for each operating condition.
  • Low weight (10.0 kg) and compact design makes it easy to transport.
  • Power pack unit separated from the cutting equipment – less exposure to dirt and vibrations.
  • Connects to both 3- and 1-phase power.
  • Automatic detection and setup of connected equipment and powersource makes handling easy.
  • Double connections

    Possible to connect the power pack to WS 220 and other PRIME™ products simultaneously.

  • Easy setup and transport

    Only one cable and one hose from power pack to machine.

  • User-friendly interface

    Digital display and menus for efficient control and service of the unit.

  • User-friendly wireless remote control

    For increased efficiency the remote control has a logical and ergonomic design with a large and clear display, which shows the current performance of the saw.