Wall sawing

Husqvarna WS 482 HF

The Husqvarna WS 482 HF is one of the market's most powerful wall saws for cutting reinforced concrete, brick and other building materials. The water-cooled electric motor produces 19 kW (25...


AD 10 vs manual drilling

Automatic drilling versus manual drilling. In this video we compare an automatic drilling system with a manual drilling system. Both systems consist of drillmotor Husqvarna DM 340 and drill...

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Flat sawing

Power cutting

Husqvarna K 3000 Wet and WT 15 - Cutting stone

Husqvarna K 3000 Wet, power cutter in combination with the water tank WT 15, in action cutting stone.

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Remote demolition

Wire sawing

Husqvarna CS 2512

The Husqvarna CS 2512, in combination with the hydraulic unit PP 455 E, is a powerful and easy to use wire saw. It can handle very large jobs while, at the same time, being sufficiently compact...

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Early-entry sawing

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut System

Husqvarna Soff-Cut is a unique patented system for early entry concrete sawing. This technology enables concrete to be cut within the first one or two hours of finishing and before final set....

Surface preparation

Working with Husqvarna Construction Products

ACS, a flooring company working with surface preparation, give their view of what it is like being a customer of Husqvarna Construction Products. Listen to ACS to fInd out how we helped them...

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Masonry and tile sawing

Husqvarna TS 60 tile saw

The Husqvarna TS 60 tile saw is a robust saw with a refined cart and rail system for perfectly straight cuts. The TS 60 is equipped with a patented water and slurry system called the jet stream...

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Diamond tools