Husqvarna PG 280

A floor grinder for surface preparation and grinding of adhesive residue, paint and spackle on medium-sized concrete areas. The grinding and suction is efficient thanks to the high rpm levels, the wide range of grinding discs and the design of the dust guard and vacuumport. PG 280 SF is easy and convenient to use, with ergonomically designed handlebar and low noise levels. Two engine options: 3 kW 3-phase or 2.2 kW 1-phase.


  • 2.2 kW, 1160RPM motor has a focus on light residential surface preparation applications.
  • 280 mm grinding width make it excellent for patch grinding or floor repair to smaller areas.
  • The machine can be collapsed to fit easily into most vehicles making it ideal for rental and DIY customers.
  • With adjustment in both the handle bars machine frame, the machine is very comfortable for the operator.
  • Vibration suppression incorporated into handle bars.
  • Simple electronics (with overload protection) make it easy even for the most inexperienced user.
  • Robust frame construction helps the unit withstand the rigors of the rental industry.
  • Large solid rubber wheels ensures the machine can be easily wheeled into any working environment.
  • Well placed handles significantly improve the management of the machine up stairs when required.
  • 12 slots on the grinding disc provide many combination possibilities for diamond tools position.
  • Redi-lock

    Husqvarna’s Redi Lock® is an instant and hassle-free system for changing diamond tooling. Robust construction ensures maximum protection and life of your diamond tools.

  • Ergonomically designed handlebar

    Easy and convenient to use, with ergonomically designed handlebar.

  • Efficient suction of grinding dust

    The efficient suction of grinding dust is a result of the design of the dust guard and vacuum port.

  • Light and easy to transport

    The machine is light and easy to transport. The handle can be folded over the machine which makes it more compact.