Husqvarna DS 50 ATS

(965 15 78-17)

Stand that can be pivoted and angled, with wheels and base plate with a mounting for the expander bolt. The stand has a support of hardened steel, which makes it extremely stable but also light and handy to transport. The stand is supplied with a twin gear carriage.


  • The capability to tilt and turn the stand makes it highly versatile and allows the operator to drill in various positions.
  • The back support ensures optimum strength and accuracy when drilling.
  • The twin gear carriage allows you to select the drilling speed to suit the application.
  • Thanks to the quick connection the user can install and remove the motor quickly and easily.
  • Optimum cranking speed

    Carriage with single and double gearing for efficient drilling.

  • Easy transportation

    The stand is equipped with transport wheels.

  • Travel stop

    The DS 50 ATS has a travel stop.


  • Angle drilling
  • Stitch drilling