Husqvarna DS 40 Gyro

DS 40 Gyro is our telescopic stand system for small core drills. The system is easy to use, and quick to set-up and dismount, saving both time and money. It is ideal for core drilling up to 150 mm diameter with a travel length of 600 mm. With a single setup you can drill numerous holes in various positions, upside down drilling, angle drilling and horizontal drilling. It is also ideal for stitch drilling.


  • Installed by stanchion
  • Modular and flexible

    The drill column is easy to turn and tilt meaning it is ideal for drilling numerous holes at almost any angle, providing several combination options.

  • Profitable and efficient setup

    Several drilling options with one setup.

  • Gyro unit

    The drill column can be turned 360° thanks to the gyro unit.

  • Quick mounting of drill motor

    The easy mounting of the drill motor means quick setup.


  • Horizontal drilling
  • Vertical drilling