Husqvarna D 1420 Diagrip2™

Offers optimal performance in medium to hard concrete. Provides high speed and great performance even in difficult conditions. For motors from 2.4 kW.

52 mm / 2.05 "


  • D 1410 with Diagrip2™ is a top performance drillbit thanks to its lower contact area with evenly distributed cutting edges and high diamond concentration.
  • Innovative segment design for efficient cutting, cooling and slurry evacuation, which increases both cutting speed and service life.
  • A smooth, rapid cut for both handheld and stand drilling.
  • Quick and easy start, smooth drilling with low vibrations.
  • Wide application window for problem-free drilling with most drill motors and materials.
  • Best performance

    The Husqvarna range for very intensive users offers the best performance and very high flexibility, for intensive users. Every situation has its solution.

  • D 1400 series

    Drilling is probably the most challenging application for diamond tools, since all segments are constantly in contact with the material. A wide application window is therefore critical for a smooth and efficient drilling job. The new Husqvarna D 1400 series feature premium quality drill bits developed for professional users who want top-class performance in all drilling applications.

  • Diagrip™

    Revolutionary diamond tool technology for superior cutting capacity and durability. One of the greatest benefits with the Diagrip™ technology is how fast and smooth the diamond tools go through all types of construction materials. Diagrip™ tools means trouble-free drilling, especially in heavily reinforced concrete. The diamonds are specially treated to remain in place in the segments longer, and be distributed optimally, delivering maximum efficiency to every diamond. With Diagrip™ the diamonds are exposed and expended at an even rate, which makes the edge very even and powerful, even when cutting hard materials like reinforced concrete.

  • New drill bit sticker design

    Husqvarnas drill bits are now equipped with the new drill bit sticker design which simplifes the decision of which drill bit that is suitable for a certain situation.