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Diamond drill bits

With more than 30 years of experience, we continue to develop state-of-the-art diamond drill bits for professionals and other frequent users. We have four different series. D 1400 series with Diagrip2™ and Diagrip™ - the revolutionary technologies that give you superior cutting capacity, longer product life and a smooth, rapid cut.
The D 800 series consists of laser-welded, durable, high-performance tools with high free-cutting performance. The D 600 series comprises lightweight, mainly laser-welded bits for major indoor handheld jobs. And the D 400 series are reliable, laser-welded and cost efficient drill bits for non-intensive use in tough materials.

Diamond drill bits

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Husqvarna D 1410 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna D 1420 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna D 1465 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna D 810 Husqvarna D 820 Husqvarna D 835 Husqvarna D 865 Husqvarna D 825 Husqvarna D 605 Husqvarna D 420 Husqvarna D 465 Husqvarna D 605 Small diameters tile kit Husqvarna D 605 Big diameters tile kit Husqvarna D 825 Air conditioning kit 1/2" Husqvarna D 625 Electrician kit


D 1410

D 1420

D 1465

D 810

D 820

D 835

D 865

D 825

D 605

D 420

D 465

D 605 Small diameters tile kit

D 605 Big diameters tile kit

D 825 Air conditioning kit 1/2"

D 625 Electrician kit

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