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Diamond blades for wall saws

Our wall saw blades are unique, high-tech products made of top-quality components. You can rely on them to deliver excellent cutting performance over a long service life. The premium range, The W 1200 series, has Diagrip™, a revolutionary diamond distribution technology, which means extremely smooth, rapid cutting – even in heavily reinforced concrete.
The three-layer sandwich core creates 50 % less noise than a standard solid core. The W 600 series consists of high-speed and cost efficient-cutting blades.

Diamond blades for wall saws

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Husqvarna W 1405 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna W 1410 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna W 1420 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna W 1430 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna W 1205 Diagrip™ Husqvarna W 1210 Diagrip™ Husqvarna W 1220 Diagrip™ Husqvarna W 1230 Diagrip™ Husqvarna W 610 Husqvarna W 1105 Husqvarna W 1110 Husqvarna W 1120


W 1405 Diagrip2™

W 1410 Diagrip2™

W 1420 Diagrip2™

W 1430 Diagrip2™

W 1205 Diagrip™

W 1210 Diagrip™

W 1220 Diagrip™

W 1230 Diagrip™

W 610

W 1105

W 1110

W 1120

Reinforced concrete hard
Reinforced concrete medium
Reinforced concrete soft