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Diamond blades for power cutters

We have diamond blades for all types of jobs, cutting and machines. Our wide range consists of blades for our standard cutters, ring saws, chainsaws and Cut-n-Break saws. S 1400 Diagrip2™ is a new series of premium blades with the unique Diagrip2™ technology, which means superior cutting capacity, long product life and smooth, rapid cuts – even in heavily reinforced concrete.
The new R 1400 series of ring saw blades has the Diagrip™ technology. Also, we offer the EL, AS and VN series for professionals who want value for money as well as good performance.

Diamond blades for power cutters

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Husqvarna ELITE-CUT S85 Husqvarna S 1435 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna S 1445 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna S 1465 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna S 1485 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna VN 30 + Husqvarna VN 45 Husqvarna VN 65 Husqvarna S 1240 H Diagrip™ Husqvarna S 1240 H Pre-cut Diagrip™ PXC 45 ELC 45 ELC 70 Husqvarna VN 85 Husqvarna AS 12 SLC 45 Husqvarna AS 12 S+ Husqvarna VARI-CUT™ TURBO Husqvarna VARI-CUT™ Husqvarna VARI-CUT™ PLUS Husqvarna MT 15+ Husqvarna MT 65 Husqvarna MT 85 Husqvarna S 1220 H Diagrip™ Husqvarna S 1220 H Pre-cut Diagrip™ R 1420 Diagrip™ Ring Saw Blade R 1445 Ring Saw Blade Husqvarna R 820 Husqvarna R 845 Husqvarna R 870 Husqvarna Pre-cut ring blade Husqvarna FR-3 rescue blade Husqvarna EL 10 CnB Husqvarna EL 35 CnB Husqvarna EL 70 CnB PRO 45



S 1435 Diagrip2™

S 1445

S 1465

S 1485

VN 30 +

VN 45

VN 65

S 1240 H

S 1240 H Pre-cut

Husqvarna PXC 45

Husqvarna ELC 45

Husqvarna ELC 70

VN 85

AS 12

Husqvarna SLC 45

AS 12 S+




MT 15+

MT 65

MT 85

S 1220 H

S 1220 H Pre-cut

R 1420 Diagrip™

R 1445

R 820

R 845

R 870

Pre-cut ring blade

FR-3 rescue blade

EL 10 CnB

EL 35 CnB

EL 70 CnB

Husqvarna PRO 45

Abrasive material
Building block
Hard tiles - porcellanato
Ceramic tiles
Cured concrete
Reinforced concrete
Roof tile
Concrete hard
Concrete medium
Concrete soft
Building brick
Abrasive building block
Ductile iron
Green concrete (abrasive) hard
Green concrete (abrasive) soft
Cured concrete hard
Cured concrete medium
Cured concrete soft
Asphalt hard
Asphalt soft
Railway rail