Husqvarna DXR 300

The Husqvarna DXR 300 is a powerful, compact demolition robot with long reach. With 22 kilowatts, the robust DXR 300 offer efficient demolition in tough environments. With a wide span between the outriggers the DXR 300 provide increased stability of the robot and have the ability to carry up to 400 kilos workload. DXR 300 is equipped with a fixed arm that delivers a precise positioning of the tool and only requires a minimum of service.


  • It's low height allows the user good vision over the machine during operation and helps give it a low center of gravity.
  • Strong, durable baseplate is cast in one solid cast steel piece, with integrated lifting points.
  • Strong LED lights provide good workplace illumination.
  • Convenient handle for track release.
  • Robust, modern control system.
  • The power unit's location above the undercarriage and the easy-opening housing are examples of design solutions that make our DXR robots very easy to service.
  • With Husqvarna’s global service network you always have good access to servicing and product specialists.
  • Long fixed durable arm

    Long fixed arm with stable, durable design with a minimum need of service. The fixed arm delivers precise positioning of the tool.

  • Ergonomic remote control

    The remote control for the Husqvarna DXR is the market’s most modern and easy-to-use model, with a unique user-friendly and well-considered design. It steers everything the machine does, simply and conveniently. The control box is equipped with a 3.5-inch colour display that is easy to read and uses industrial Bluetooth technology.

  • Individually controlled outriggers

    The individually controlled out-riggers and the wide span between the outriggers makes the robot stable.

  • Passes through all normal doorways

    Since it's just 78 cm wide, it passes through all normal doorways.

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