03 May 2010

New electric wire saw from Husqvarna.

The CS 10 is a new electric wire saw that can be operated together with any of Husqvarna’s electric wall saws. The concept means that the user gets a wall saw and a wire saw – in a single saw system.

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A welcome companion to Husqvarna’s modern electric wall saws

CS 10 - a new electric wire saw from Husqvarna CS 10 in action
The CS 10 electric wire saw raises Husqvarna’s WS 440 HF and WS 482 HF electric wall saws to new heights. By mounting it on the wall saw track, the user gets a powerful and flexible saw system for cutting through larger concrete structures, such as bridges, foundations and thick walls. Its well-designed construction and ample magazine capacity produce a generous saw depth.

“The wire saw is a highly practical companion to Husqvarna’s modern electric wall saws. It has great capacity as well as offering many different set-up options and a complete and highly cost-effective solution for the customer”, says Lars Gustafsson, Product Manager, Construction Equipment, Husqvarna Construction Products.

The CS 10 is easily coupled to the wall saw’s operating unit, track and power unit. Thanks to the wire saw’s unique magazine wheel and diamond wire, the

user gets a lightweight and flexible wire saw that can be easily anchored on the floor or wall. The CS 10 assures flexible sawing, as the saw unit can be mounted on both sides of the track and the wire can move in both directions. This allows, for instance, sawing close up to the walls, known as flush cutting, in all corners of a room.

Several technical refinements are accommodated under the protective hood of the CS 10 to make the operator’s work more efficient: a spring solution for the drive wheel makes the wire run smoothly and evenly, and reduces wire wear. The wire saw’s water system cools and lubricates as well as binds dust, assuring efficient sawing and a long operating life for the wire. The CS 10 is simple to manoeuvre.

The saw is remote-controlled (radio control with the WS 482 HF), giving the operator greater freedom and working comfort. The speed can be varied to an optimal value for the wire type and material to be cut.

The CS 10 will be launched this summer.

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Lars Gustafsson
Product Manager Construction Equipment
Husqvarna Construction Products
Tel: +46 31-94 90 88, + 46 70-395 90 88
E-mail: lars.gustafsson@husqvarna.se

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CS 10 in parts

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CS 10 action image

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