03 May 2010

New demolition robot from Husqvarna

It weighs least and packs the strongest punch. Husqvarna’s new demolition robot, the DXR
140, is the most lightweight machine in the range. At the same time it is more powerful
than other machines of the same size class.

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For all international media enquiries, please contact Helena Thiel, Vice President Marketing for Husqvarna Construction Products

The lightest member of the demolition robot family

360+ The arm system on the DXR 140 can be rotated completely without restrictions, making it ideal for demolition work in restricted areas.
The DXR 140, the latest addition to Husqvarna’s new range of remote-controlled demolition robots, is the smallest and lightest member of the family. 

Despite its compact design, it is a powerful partner to reckon with for demolition work in cramped spaces where the substrate requires a lightweight machine. The DXR 140 weighs only 960 kilos and has an output of 11 kW; it is also available with a 15 kW motor.

“The DXR 140 is our smallest and most lightweight model, but it is still a very strong and powerful machine. The 15 kW motor allows the operator to utilise up to 100 percent of the breaker’s force. If you choose our 11 kW motor instead, it can be run on a 16 amp fuse”, says Thomas Nilsson, Business Manager, Demolition Equipment, Husqvarna Construction Equipment.

The demolition robot was developed with a focus on making the user’s work more efficient and simpler. Its compact design, with a width of only 77 cm, makes the robot agile to manoeuvre and transport.

The DXR 140 passes through most doorways and fits in a lift or onto a trailer. Its low-slung body gives the user a free view over the machine, making his work both more efficient and safer.

The arm system can be rotated completely without restrictions, around 360+ degrees, making

it ideal for demolition work in restricted areas, such as where a container cannot be placed alongside the robot. Its out-riggers can be controlled individually, giving it good stability and facilitating work on uneven substrates or close to walls.

The baseplate of the DXR 140 is cast in a single piece for optimum weight distribution and balance.

The plate also incorporates the new generation of LED spotlights for exceptionally good light when workingThe DXR 140 is equipped with an efficient electrical fan and the same cooler as the DXR 310, assuring highly efficient cooling. The electrical proportional control of its hydraulic pump means efficient pressure and flow regulation. The result is a machine of high efficiency and with minimised thermal losses.

The remote control with Bluetooth technology is the easiest to use on the market, with a clear plaintext display showing when it’s time for various servicing jobs, such as oil refills and a change of oil filter

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For more information, contact:
Thomas Nilsson, Business Manager
Demolition Equipment, Husqvarna Construction Products
Tel: + 46 31-94 90 16, +46 70-594 20 16
E-mail: thomas.nilsson@husqvarna.se

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