01 February 2012

K 3000 Wet: Dry and wet cutting in one machine

A wet power cutter that minimizes the amount of water and slurry. And that is easily transformed into a power cutter that generates a minimum amount of dust. Husqvarna is now re-launching the electric power cutter K 3000 Wet that makes it possible to wet and dry cut with the same machine.

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A power cutter for wet applications

K 3000 Vac product picture K 3000 Wet in action

Like the name implies, the Husqvarna K 3000 Wet is a power cutter. for wet applications. The machine is equipped with the dust extinguisher system DEX, where an integrated water regulator controls the water volume, ensuring an amount that is just enough to bind the dust. This gives the user the possibility of wet cutting with a minimal amount of water and slurry, both indoors and outdoors. The K 3000 Wet also works as a dry power cutter: by attaching the Vac unit available as an accessory, the K 3000 Wet is transformed to a power cutter which generates a minimal amount of dust. The dust is sucked through the Vac unit that works as a“sled”, easily attached to the guard, and connected to a vacuum cleaner.
“We’ve continued to develop a really good power cutter and made it even better”, says Johan
Simonsson, Global Product Manager for Power Cutters at Husqvarna Construction.
“The K 3000 Wet is filled with smart solutions that facilitates the work for the user. One of the biggest new virtues is, of course, that you’re now able to cut both dry and wet generating a minimal amount of water and dust.” 

User focus

The K 3000 Wet has been developed with the user in focus. The machine has a new, lighter magnesium guard and a newly developed splashback that is attached to the blade guard. The splashback protects both the user and the machine from water and slurry. Like all Husqvarna power cutters, the machine’s blade rotates forward minimizing the strain for the operator and making the work more efficient. The K 3000 Wet is also equipped with the electronic overload protection system ElgardTM and the SoftStartTM system that enables start even with normal, slow-acting fuses.

For more info

For more information, please contact:
Johan Simonsson, Global Product Manager Power Cutters, Husqvarna Construction Products
Tel: + 46 31-94 90 19, + 46 722-14 55 79
E-mail: johan.a.simonsson@husqvarna.se

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