10 June 2011

K 1260 Rail - Perfectly designed for rail cutting

Husqvarna’s new rail cutter, the K 1260 Rail, is the answer to problems with heavy and bulky cutting equipment. It combines efficiency and a powerful engine with revolutionary technological solutions. With
the K 1260 Rail the user can achieve more with less effort.

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For all international media enquiries, please contact Helena Thiel, Vice President Marketing for Husqvarna Construction Products

When precision and speed are decisive factors

Husqvarna launches the K 1260 Rail – a powerful, efficient petrol-driven rail cutter. It has an impressive weight/output ratio and was specially designed for rail cutting, maintenance work on railways and tram tracks, where precision and speed are decisive factors. The machine is fitted with numerous technical features which facilitates cutting work: Double attachment mountings enable cutting from both directions. The attachment mounts quickly and firmly to the rail. As both the engine body and the attachment mountings were developed simultaneously, output and precision were fully optimised, right from the design stage.

“With the K 1260 Rail, it is all about possibilities instead of limitations. This is a rail cutter that is perfectly customised for rail cutting – it cuts fast and straight, and thanks to the double attachment mountings it can cut from any direction which is a great benefit if, for example, cutting at railway switches,” says Johan Simonsson, Global Product Manager for Power Cutters at Husqvarna Construction.

The K 1260 Rail is fitted with technology which is more cost effective for users: The new generation of Active Air Filtration™ delivers up to one year’s operation without a filter change. The machine is also fitted with  SmartCarb™, a built-in automatic filter compensation, which maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption. Starting the K 1260 Rail is easy with EasyStart and is comfortable to use, even for longer periods, due to one of the market’s highly efficient vibration dampening systems.

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For more information, contact:

Johan Simonsson
Global Product Manager for Power Cutters
Husqvarna Construction Products
Tel: +46 (0) 31 94 90 19, +46 (0) 722 14 55 79
E-mail: johan.a.simonsson@husqvarna.se

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