14 April 2014

Husqvarna WS 220 - new PRIME™ wall saw

Husqvarna is now launching WS 220, a brand new wall saw system in the PRIME™ product range – the new generation of high performance technology for electric cutting equipment. WS 220 features a superior power-to-weight ratio and together with the complementing power pack Husqvarna PP 220 and a smart, time saving transport trolley, the system is well suited for applications where easy transportation is needed.

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Press Release Husqvarna WS 220

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Introducing Husqvarna WS 220

“By introducing WS 220 we are taking a further step towards offering our customers top-performing products
with high usability”, says Lars Gustafsson, Global Product Manager, Husqvarna Construction.
Being the latest edition to Husqvarna’s wall saw family and also being a member of the new PRIME™ product
range, WS 220 offers the user a completely new system which is both powerful, compact and lightweight.
WS 220 can be used for blade diameters between 600 and 900 mm and can be operated on both 3- and 1-phase. The wall saw system delivers 6 kW on the spindle on 3-phase and 3 kW on 1-phase, giving extremely high power-to-weight ratio. The new system is ideal for smaller or mid-size sawing jobs, such as basement and door openings, windows and ventilation. It effectively saws its way through up to 390 mm thick walls of reinforced concrete, brick and similar building materials. When using WS 220 with a 600 mm blade, the cutting depth is 250 mm which covers the waste majority of cutting depths needed.

Working together with PP 220

The water-cooled power pack PP 220 converts standard AC power to high frequency current and has
double connections, which makes it possible to connect WS 220 simultaneously with DM 650, K 6500 or
K 6500 Ring. The low weight of 10 kg also makes it is easy to carry and handle.
Additionally, WS 220 includes a smart, time-and-effort-saving transport trolley, which simplifies setup
and transport. The trolley has puncture-proof wheels and can carry the entire wall sawing system, which
has a total weight of around 90 kg. It also holds a K 6500 handheld power cutter or K 6500 Ring cutter.
“The transport trolley enables the user to set up an “allin-one” package on the job site, which simplifies the work significantly”, says Lars Gustafsson.

Main benefits WS 220 with PP 220

• Superior power-to-weight ratio.
• Compact, light weight and powerful.
• Power pack has low weight, making it easy to handle and transport.
• Power pack detached from wall saw system, making it less exposed to dirt and vibrations.
• Smart setup. The electric wall saw system is delivered with a convenient and fully equipped trolley.
• Power pack has wireless remote control that provides extensive information to the operator to ensure total control of the sawing process and freedom of movement at the workplace.

Husqvarna PRIME™ product range

• Husqvarna PRIME™ is a new product range of high performance electric cutting equipment. By innovative utilization of high frequency current and digital processing Husqvarna brings a whole new level and efficiency and usability to the game, increasing performance, productivity and mobility for the customers. Powerful. Revolutionary. Intelligent. Modular. Electric – that’s PRIME.
• The products that have been introduced on the market are: Husqvarna WS 220, DM 650, K 6500,
K 6500 Ring, and the PP 220 and PP 65 power packs. Additional products will be introduced later.
  • WS 220 video