01 February 2011

Husqvarna K 3000 Vac – a dry cutter with superior dust control

Husqvarna are proud to present the K 3000 Vac – a true innovation in the field of stone and concrete cutting that, thanks to its Vac attachment, presents the user with the perfect solution to dust problems related to dry cutting.

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A major problem when cutting concrete has found a smart solution

K 3000 Vac - a dry cutter with superior dust control Superior dust control

One of the biggest problems associated with dry cutting is the amount of dust resulting from the cutting. The dust can lead to serious discomfort, and can even constitute a work environment hazard. With Husqvarna’s new K 3000 Vac power cutter and its unique dust collection technique, these problems are minimised. Cut concrete or stone materials without having to think about the dust problem. This revolutionary new technical solution makes dry cutting possible in environments where wet cutting isn’t an option. By attaching a detachable “sled” on the power cutter’s blade guard and then connecting it to a vacuum cleaner, the work environment is spared from the dust, which is collected directly into the cleaner’s bag.
“Husqvarna have several patented and unique solutions that facilitate the work process, when it comes to both precision and ergonomics,” says Global Product Manager, power cutters at Husqvarna Construction, Johan Simonsson.

Forward rotating blade

K 3000 Vac - a dry cutter with superior dust control The blade of the K 3000 Vac rotates forward

“On the K 3000 Vac the actual sled is located on the back of the blade guard, giving the operator a clear line of sight of the blade, thus improving precision and efficiency. Furthermore the blade rotates forwards which, significantly, reduces work strain and makes effective cutting with a minimal resistance possible.”
With its powerful engine and ergonomically designed handle, the K 3000 Vac provides the operator with an extremely efficient tool for professional dry cutting. The K 3000 Vac was first presented at the World of Concrete fair in January and is expected to be on the market in March.

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Johan Simonsson, Global Product Manager, power cutters, Husqvarna Construction Products

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E-mail: johan.a.simonsson@husqvarna.se

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