Husqvarna DM 650 – a powerful electric PRIME™ low weight drill motor

tags drilling, drilling_systems, prime
Husqvarna has launched– a new electric drill motor within the PRIME™ product range. Together with the corresponding power pack Husqvarna PP 65, it is powerful and easy to operate. Thanks to the significantly low weight and easy setup, it is suitable for most drilling applications.
11 April 2013

Drill with greater precision with the Husqvarna DM 220.

tags DM_220, drilling
A new electronic positioning system; integrated dust collection; comfortable and flexible to work with. Husqvarna’s new addition within lighter drilling, the DM 220, has smart solutions both inside and outside.
03 May 2010

Husqvarna launches an automatic drilling system.

tags AD_10, automatic_drilling_system, drilling
Husqvarna is launching the AD 10, a product that lets the drill motor do the work instead of the operator. The new automatic drill system is in a class of its own as regards speed, ergonomics and intelligence.
03 May 2010