Husqvarna launches an automatic drilling system.

tags AD_10, automatic_drilling_system, drilling
Husqvarna is launching the AD 10, a product that lets the drill motor do the work instead of the operator. The new automatic drill system is in a class of its own as regards speed, ergonomics and intelligence.
03 May 2010

New demolition robot from Husqvarna

tags DX, DXR_140, remote_demolition
It weighs least and packs the strongest punch. Husqvarna’s new demolition robot, the DXR
140, is the most lightweight machine in the range. At the same time it is more powerful
than other machines of the same size class.
03 May 2010

New electric wire saw from Husqvarna.

tags CS_10, wire_sawing
The CS 10 is a new electric wire saw that can be operated together with any of Husqvarna’s electric wall saws. The concept means that the user gets a wall saw and a wire saw – in a single saw system.
03 May 2010