Husqvarna K 6500 - electric power cutter with powerful performance

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Husqvarna continuously strive towards offering their customers innovative and powerful machines. As a result, the company has launched an electric power cutter within the PRIME™ product range – the new generation of high performance technology for electric cutting equipment. Husqvarna K 6500, together with the corresponding power pack PP 65, provide the user with the most efficient electric power cutter on the market.
11 April 2013

New Husqvarna K 760 - top seller improved in every detail

tags K_760, power_cutter
With the launch of the new Husqvarna K 760, Husqvarna takes yet another step toward increased user-friendliness. Optimised engine performance, enhanced startability and ergonomics are just some of the areas that have been improved in the new K 760. The result is a powerful, efficient and reliable all-round power cutter, with a further enhanced power/weight ratio and substantially reduced emissions.
28 February 2013

K 3000 Wet: Dry and wet cutting in one machine

tags electric, k_3000_wet, power_cutter, wet
A wet power cutter that minimizes the amount of water and slurry. And that is easily transformed into a power cutter that generates a minimum amount of dust. Husqvarna is now re-launching the electric power cutter K 3000 Wet that makes it possible to wet and dry cut with the same machine.
01 February 2012

K 1260 Rail - Perfectly designed for rail cutting

tags K_1260_rail, power_cutter, rail_cutting
Husqvarna’s new rail cutter, the K 1260 Rail, is the answer to problems with heavy and bulky cutting equipment. It combines efficiency and a powerful engine with revolutionary technological solutions. With
the K 1260 Rail the user can achieve more with less effort.
10 June 2011

K 1260 - a powerhouse for fast, smooth cutting

tags K_1260, power_cutter
The new Husqvarna K 1260 is one of the most powerful cutters on the market. Stable with good ergonomic design and boasting smart solutions from the inside out makes it the cutting and drilling professional’s
perfect partner.
10 June 2011

New Husqvarna K 970 — lots of power in a compact format.

tags K_970, power_cutter
A new, exciting design. Improved ergonomics. And technical solutions that let the user achieve more with
less effort. The K 970 is Husqvarna’s most interesting innovation in the power cutter segment this year.
03 May 2010