04 December 2011

WS 482 in NCC's major construction project - a success story from Malmö, Sweden

There is intense activity in what is called the Triangel area in downtown Malmö in Sweden. 
Here construction company NCC is building shopping galleries, offices and 190 apartments on an area totalling 8,000 square meters. But before building can start, the parking area must be demolished. Husqvarna’s latest electric wall saw, the WS 482 HF, played an important role in this work.
JFC HåltagningSyd is one of the contractors when NCC is building in the Triangel area in downtown Malmö. The company’s assignment was to demolish the concrete floor foundation and cut away the hard wall. The job started in September 2010 when the floor foundation was drilled away using seam drilling. Then the edges supporting the new beams were covered in concrete. When it was time to cut the hard wall at the right height – a horizontal cut approximately 250 metres long – Husqvarna’s WS 482 HF electric wall saw was the right choice.

“We have worked with Husqvarna products for many years, among others, their gyros and power cutters. Fredrik Jönsson at Husqvarna and I realised early on that their electric wall saw was right for the job,” says Jim Jannesson, CEO at JFC HåltagningSyd.

Husqvarna’s WS 482 HF weighs less and is easier to install and run than other saws on the market. The saw is built using a modular system. “It took only one person to change to the large blades and guards. This of course makes work more efficient. We are very pleased with how the saw worked.”

Husqvarna delivered the saw on site and instructed the operator, Lasse Åkesson from JFC HåltagningSyd.

An average 10 square metres was cut a day for about six weeks. In total more than 180 square metres of concrete that was more than 70 centimetres thick.

 “The saw is extremely strong, but what impressed

me the most was the blade guards. They keep a distance of 50 millimetres from the wall. This was very important this time because the walls were so uneven. I could just start working right away. Competitors who cut with other saws had to work in pairs and grind off some of the concrete first,”

says Lasse Åkesson.

Husqvarna’s 1,600 mm Diagrip blade was used for the job. The Diagrip blades cut faster and have a longer shelf life than other conventional blades. When cutting was completed in May, the excavation work began. The new Triangel area will be completed by 2014.

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