28 January 2011

Explore our new website and find out how to work smarter.

Welcome to the brand new website for Husqvarna Construction Products.
Our ambition with this website is that you’ll find it easier to find just the right equipment you need to work conveniently and efficiently.

We have remade the website to give it an attractive design, a user-friendly structure and – especially – to present relevant, interesting content to all types of visitors.

Here are some examples:

  • All information about each product category is located in one place.
  • Several category pages have suggestions on complete systems.
  • There’s in-depth information about each product with, for instance, matching tools and related products.
  • Innovations are highlighted in a new section, where unique technical solutions and their benefits are explained.
  • The service section has been improved to make it easier to get in contact with us.

These are just a few of the many changes we have made. You’ll discover more useful information and features when you browse through the website.