A great start to the new year!

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World of Concrete 2015 was one of the largest yet.
03 March 2015

Husqvarna drill motors making a difference at Ritz hotel renovation in Paris

The world-famous Hotel Ritz in Paris, one of the finest and legendary luxury hotels, is undergoing an extensive two-year makeover. The project is huge, with thousands of square meters to renovate. The house is built with 800 mm thick concrete, hard aggregate, typical for Paris area.
24 February 2015

Electric evolution with PRIME™

The PRIME™ product range is now available in the UK and has already proven its worth to customers in terms of efficiency. One of the first customers to purchase PRIME™ products in the UK was Truecut Diamond Drilling Ltd, based in Kent.
21 January 2015

Check out our 2015 product offer

During 2015 we will continue to launch new and exciting products that make your work easier and more efficient. Read more about this in the 2015 editions of Product news and Product list!
14 January 2015