WS 482 in NCC's major construction project - a success story from Malmö, Sweden

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There is intense activity in what is called the Triangel area in downtown Malmö in Sweden. 
Here construction company NCC is building shopping galleries, offices and 190 apartments on an area totalling 8,000 square meters. But before building can start, the parking area must be demolished. Husqvarna’s latest electric wall saw, the WS 482 HF, played an important role in this work.
04 December 2011

Wireless remote control provides convenient wall sawing

tags remote control, wall sawing, WS 482
From now on each delivered PP 480 HF will come with the new designed wireless remote control.
The new remote makes it easier and more convenient to operate and monitor wall sawing with the WS 482 HF. It is ergonomic and easy to maneuver – both with and without gloves. The 3.5-inch color
display makes it easy to see all information during operation. The operations are performed using just a few buttons. A shoulder strap is included as standard.
01 September 2011