Husqvarna WS 463

(965 15 60-01)

Our powerful WS 463 and WS 462 hydraulic wall saws are designed to create efficient working environments. The blade is positioned closer to the track, for increased performance. This also reduces the breaking force, improves sawing accuracy and reduces wear. The wall saws are built on a modular system, where each module has an optimum weight.


  • Very powerful hydraulic wall saw, 20 kW, for heavy sawing.
  • Three-speed hydraulic gearbox for optimal speed depending on materials, blade diameter and type of blade.
  • Built on a modular system where the weight is evenly distributed, making the saw easy to transport, handle and set up.
  • Small distance between track and blade gives a straight cut generating less wear on both saw and blade.
  • Symmetric track and carriage enable sawing on both sides of the track.
  • Deep cutting possible without changing blade due to a large maximum starter blade.
  • Quick connection

    The quick connection makes it easy to attach the saw unit to the carriage. First, you press the saw unit into place on the carriage, and then you attach the unit using the locking device.

  • Radial connection

    The saw has a radial connection on the blade that makes changing the blade extremely easy, particulary when flush cutting.

  • Universal mounting

    The smart and flexible universal mounting is a fairly revolutionary accessory that saves energy and time. Because the mounting pivots when positioned on the wall, it is simple to reposition the track during cutting. The mounting also allows you to easily carry out bevel cutting and stair cutting at a variety of angles.

  • Remote control

    The wireless remote control has an ergonomic design with a large and clear display, which shows the current performance of the saw. The menu system has features such as load indicator, rpm, run time, calibration and stopwatch. This helps the user become more efficient in the daily work. The remote control is powered by one battery. It is equipped with a CAN cable that also can transfer power and be used for service.


  • Door openings
  • Window openings
  • Ventilation channels
  • Special cutting
  • Dovetail cutting
  • Flush cutting