Husqvarna PG 820

(965 19 56-07)

The Husqvarna PG 820 is the largest in the range of surface preparation and finishing machines. Equipped with Dual Drive Technology™ the PG 820 is among the market’s most powerful and efficient machines.


  • Application range
  • High power machinery
  • Dual Drive Technology™
  • The ultimate choice for professional flooring contractors.
  • Dual Drive Technology™ – fully independent control of both planetary and satellite grinding heads in regards to speed and direction of rotation. This enables higher production rates.
  • Triple-headed grinder – more downward pressure and power can be delivered to grinding heads. More stable operation over undulating surfaces.
  • Wide grinding path.
  • Long machinery service life thanks to the 5-way sealing mechanism, the spring steel head system and all zincplated steel parts.
  • Gear-driven planetary head; premium quality belt for powering grinding heads.
  • Industrial strength construction (robust steel frame, strong single-piece aluminium cover).
  • Low tool and maintenance cost per square metre/foot.
  • Ergonomically advantageous

    Low impact on operator’s body when handling due to ergonomic frame and handle design.

  • Best in class

    Best in class in terms of performance, reliability and longer machinery service life - before first service and between subsequent others.

  • Redi-lock

    Husqvarna’s Redi Lock® is an instant and hassle-free system for changing diamond tooling. Robust construction ensures maximum protection and life of your diamond tools.

  • Easy to use control box

    The control box is clearly marked and easy to use. Regulates and controls various functions on the machine.