Husqvarna TS 230 F

(965 15 36-01)

Light but robust tile saw for professional use. The TS 230 F has a powerful electric motor and unique, patented water recovery system for long shifts.


  • Supplied with wrench and guide
  • Removable water tank
  • Continuous rim diamond blade
  • Spindle 25.4 mm and blade size 230 mm
  • Extended cutting autonomy, thanks to the water recovery channels.
  • Patented 45° cut system (no pump needed).
  • High precision as material stays flat when 45° cut is made.
  • Easy to clean, very large cutting table.
  • Patented rigid cutting guide with fine adjustment.
  • 45° tilting

    45° tilting capacity for bevel cutting.

  • Cutting guide

    Stable aluminium cutting guide, with fine adjustment.

  • Trestle

    Foldable trestle for easier working conditions.

  • Removable table

    TS 230 F is equipped with a large removable table made of POM (Polyoxymethylene), which makes it easy to clean.