Husqvarna FS 413

(965 15 01-02)

The new FS 400 series floor saws are true multi-purpose concrete saws, available with engine alternatives from 9 to 11 hp. They are compact and developed with a clear focus on ergonomics, making them ideal for small to mid-sized jobs.


  • Well designed floor saws
  • Raise/lower assist system
  • Low maintenance
  • S 1200 Diagrip™ series

    S 1200 Diagrip™ series

    The S 1200 Diagrip™ is a new series of diamond blades that enable the operator to work efficiently, even in heavily reinforced concrete.

  • A compact push saw with a clear focus on ergonomics.
  • Patent pending engine and bladeshaft mounting system reduce overall vibration and produce better cutting performance.
  • IntelliSeal bladeshaft system allows for a minimum of 250 maintenance-free hours and eliminates daily greasing of bearings.
  • Patent-pending spring-assist screw feed adjustment reduces the force required to adjust the blade in and out of the cut.
  • Compact and easy to transport.
  • Low vibration engine mount

    Patent-pending low-vibration engine mount offering a greater comfort in work.

  • Adjustable handles

    Patent-pending adjustable handles for increased operator comfort. Adjustment allows operator to be positioned closer to cutting side for easier alignment and straighter cuts. Handle can also be folded for transport.

  • Blade guard system

    Precision bearing hinge blade guard system reduces wear and noise.

  • Poly V-belt

    Specially designed to last longer than conventional belts. Our Poly-V Belt requires less re-tensioning and provides better power transmission.