Husqvarna FS 400 LV

(965 14 82-01)

Robust, convenient all-round floor saw. The adjustable handle ensures low vibrations and an ergonomic working position. Also, perfect weight distribution means excellent stability while sawing.


  • Poly V-belt
  • Retractable handwheel
  • Low vibration handle
  • Depth indicator
  • Large watertank
  • Well designed floor saws
  • Raise/lower assist system
  • Low Vibrations
  • S 1200 Diagrip™ series

    S 1200 Diagrip™ series

    The S 1200 Diagrip™ is a new series of diamond blades that enable the operator to work efficiently, even in heavily reinforced concrete.

  • Very robust, productive saw with excellent weight distribution and stability.
  • Adjustable, and low-vibration handlebar for operator comfort.
  • Patent-pending assisted raise / lower system.
  • Easy to transport and lift.
  • Optimum power transmission to the blade thanks to the Poly-V belt.
  • Large integrated water tank.
  • Low vibration engine mount

    Patent-pending low-vibration engine mount offering a greater comfort in work.

  • IntelliSeal

    The patented IntelliSeal blade spindle has four sealed radial bearings for strength and durability. Allows for a minimum of 500 hour maintenance intervals and a 1000 hour limited warranty.

  • Adjustable handles

    Patent-pending adjustable handles for increased operator comfort. Adjustment allows operator to be positioned closer to cutting side for easier alignment and straighter cuts. Handle can also be folded for transport.

  • Blade guard system

    Precision bearing hinge blade guard system reduces wear and noise.