Husqvarna DMS 160 A

Small but powerful drill motor on its own stand, with built-in slip clutch (SMC) and electronic load /current indicator. Available in three versions: Gyro, AT and ATS. The DMS 160 Gyro has a telescopic stanchion with the same flexibility as the other Husqvarna Gyro systems. The DMS 160 AT can be pivoted and tilted, with a quick connection between the column and the base, and the DMS 160 A has an expander bolt.


  • The DMS 160 A has a fixed column with base plate and expander bolt.
  • The drilling load indicator (LED) displays the current load on the machine, enabling the user to maximise drilling speed, for highly efficient operation.
  • The drill motor is equipped with electronic overload protection which helps prevent overheating and extends product life.
  • An integrated slip-clutch protects the machine and the tool from strong external forces, for greater durability.
  • Clutch wear compensation

    Clutch wear compensation, for longer use.

  • Load indicator

    Drilling load indicator (LED) for better control.


  • Channels, pipes and cables
  • Stitch drilling