Husqvarna C 710

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■ Designed for soft to hard reinforced concrete. Thanks to the electroplated beads, this wire makes very fast cuts. ■ For short jobs in hard conditions, such as iron pipe cutting with a low-power saw. ■ The small diameter beads make it a perfect tool to finish difficult cuts.


  • Quality indicator ring

    As all of our professional range wires have the same orange rubber, an indicator ring is used to distinguish between the wire models. This indicator ring is pierced with a number of holes corresponding to the wire model. So it’s easy to identify the wires, even when they are worn.

  • Wire design

    The synthetic rubber adheres extremely well to the beads, steel, wire and spring. This design helps protect against abrasive wear and prevents slurry from contaminating the spring and wire. The synthetic rubber can also withstand high temperatures that can easily occur when the cooling water is not properly adjusted.