Husqvarna W 610

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■ Allround blade, designed to cover a window of applications with a very good performace. ■ All blades feature the sandwich design. This helps them blade to retain their shape ensuring superior cutting speed and maximum utilisation of the full segment height. ■ Unique segment design optimises cooling and disposal of slurry.


  • Diagrip

    Diagrip™ is a revolutionary new technology for producing diamond segments. The diamonds have a special treatment that ensures an optimal distribution. Also, the diamonds are held in the segment for longer, so they are utilised maximally. The result is blades with superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cut.

  • Sandwich shape segments

    Low noise wall saw blades: The core is a spot-welded, three-layer sandwich design with a copper centre. Compared to a standard solid core, the noise level is reduced from approx. 95 to approx. 85 dB. (However this figure may vary due to cutting depth, blade diameter etc. With continuous noise, a 10 dB drop represents a halving of the perceived noise.)

  • Efficient cooling

    The design of the segments promotes the efficient cooling of the segments and steel plates, and helps to dispose of the abrasive saw sludge. This provides extremely good cutting properties and long service life.

  • Design of the segment

    The design of the segments is based on power being concentrated to a very small contact surface between the segment and the material to be sawn. This results in a tool that starts in a smooth, controlled manner when you first apply the blade, and that is optimally free-cutting for the duration of its service life.