Husqvarna S 1245 Diagrip™

■ Diagrip™ matrix distribution. ■ Two segments in one design improving cooling and slurry transportation, effecting both speed and life in a positive way. ■ Special designed top of segments reduces surface contact of a new blade, for easier starts. ■ Cuts all normal and abrasive construction materials, including occasionally in Steel.


  • S 1200 Diagrip™ series
  • S 1200 Diagrip™ series

    S 1200 Diagrip™ series

    The S 1200 Diagrip™ is a new series of diamond blades that enable the operator to work efficiently, even in heavily reinforced concrete.

  • Easy operation even in heavily reinforced concrete.
  • Higher cutting speeds.
  • Stable cutting without vibrations.
  • “Easy-fit”, a bushel for bore hole expansion.
  • The S 1235 has the innovative three-segments-in-one design, which gives the highest cutting speed due to the efficient cooling effect of the segments.
  • The S 1245 and S 1265 blades have a two-segments-in-one design, for better cooling and slurry transportation. This improves both speed and service life.
  • The S 1285 asphalt blade has specific segments added, for protection against undercutting.
  • Diagrip

    Diagrip™ is a revolutionary new technology for producing diamond segments. The diamonds have a special treatment that ensures an optimal distribution. Also, the diamonds are held in the segment for longer, so they are utilised maximally. The result is blades with superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cut.

  • Easy fit

    Easy-fit, a bushel for bore hole expansion.

  • High performance concrete blades

    High-performance concrete blades for varying aggregate and reinforcement.

  • Optimum performance

    Designed for optimum performance with handheld power cutters and low powered floor saws due to high speeds and stable cutting without vibrations.