Husqvarna F 1180

(531 15 90-62)

The Husqvarna F 1180 is a blade for medium-hard to hard aggregate asphalt. The Husqvarna F 1190 is a blade for soft to medium-hard aggregate asphalt.


  • Due to the high power of the machine, the blades up to diameter 600 mm feature narrow water slots, to maximise blade life.
  • All blades have recessed or lowered segments as undercut protection,to prevent against wear on the steel core.
  • Laser welded up to diameter 600 mm.
  • Narrow water slots

    Because of the high power of the machine, the blades are fitted with narrow water slots that give a wider segment and longer service life.

  • Smooth start

    The shape of the segment means that you get a smooth and free-cutting start when applying a new blade in concrete.

  • Undercut prevention

    To prevent undercutting, all diameters are equipped with a guard in the form of a support segment or recessed drop segment.