Husqvarna DXR 140

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The DXR 140, the latest addition to Husqvarna’s new range of remote-controlled demolition robots, is the smallest and lightest member of the family. Despite its compact design, it is a powerful partner to reckon with for demolition work in cramped spaces where the substrate requires a lightweight machine. The DXR 140 weighs only 975 kilos and has an output of 15 kW; it is also available with a 11 kW motor.


  • Individually controlled out-riggers.
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • Compact for easy transport.
  • Good view over the machine
  • Easy access for service.
  • Automatic greasing system
  • Powerful LED light.
  • Multi-purpose dozer blade for flexible operation.
  • Highly efficient cooling
  • Superb power to weight ratio
  • Efficient cooling
  • Automatic greasing

    Automatic greasing

    Grease pump and automatic greasing system for the hammer are standard on our demolitions robots.

  • Low weight, only 975 kg, and short chassis make the machine easy to transport and manoeuvre in tight spaces.
  • Only 77 cm wide, so it fits through all normal doorways.
  • Great flexibility in terms of demolition method.
  • The remote control is the market’s most modern and easy to use, with one-hand operation, 3.5 inch colour display and Bluetooth technology (a stable, globally certified technology that is less sensitive to interference).
  • With our global service network you always have good access to servicing and product specialists.
  • Equipped with a 15 kW electric motor. (11 kW electric motor available as option.)
  • Available with manual or hydraulic track tensioning.
  • 360+

    The arm system of the DXR 140 can be rotated completely without restrictions, making it ideal for demolition work in restricted areas.

  • Telescopic boom

    The telescopic boom on the DXR 140 has a range of approximately 3.7m including the breaker. It´s made of high-quality steel and can withstand high stresses.

  • Endless 360˚ rotation

    The DXR 140 has an arm that can rotate without limitation (360˚+), enabling excellent flexibility reducing the need to shift the machine between procedures.

  • Individually controlled out-riggers

    Because it’s only 77 cm wide, the DXR 140 passes through all normal doorways. It climbs stairs easily and operates on uneven surfaces and close to walls, due to the individually controlled outriggers. The track widener facilitates transport on uneven surfaces.