20. března 2013

Husqvarna Construction launches new Diagrip2™

High cutting speed, improved flexibility and top balance of speed and tool life. This is what the new updated Diagrip2™ will offer its users. With an optimal distribution of diamonds and specially designed segments, Diagrip2™ will cut faster and smoother through heavily reinforced concrete than any other diamond blade that we know of – up to 30 percent faster than existing blades.

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Based on the Diagrip™ technology, which distributes the diamonds in a 3-dimentional matrix inside the segment, Diagrip2™ additionally optimizes the distribution of the contact areas.
“With Diagrip2™, the company has taken the technology to the next level with the new concept built on blades and drill bits with castellated segments”, says Michel Hubermont, Head of Diamond Tools, Husqvarna.

Optimal distribution of diamonds

Optimal distribution. The high diamond concentration maximises the cutting capacity of each diamond Optimal distribution. The high diamond concentration maximises the cutting capacity of each diamond
Diagrip2™ features a high concentration of diamonds, with cutting edges optimally and evenly distributed in the segments around the tool. This makes the cutting capacity of every diamond maximized. The optimal diamond positioning of the Diagrip™ technology means that the diamonds are constantly exposed, which in combination with the Diagrip2™ features gets energy and torque focused on the diamond cutting edges. The result is a very even and powerful sawing with a minimum of unnecessary friction.

Specially designed segments

High speed. Diagrip2™ cuts through extremely High speed. Diagrip2™ cuts through extremely
The segments are also designed in a way that facilitates slurry transportation, which ensures cutting speed
and a longer tool life. The optimization of the segment geometry combined with the Diagrip™ technology
makes way for a completely new range of diamond tools, with a wider application window, 20–30
percent faster cutting speed and significantly longer life than existing high-tech diamond tools.
“Traditionally, when it comes to diamond blades, there has been a trade-off between speed and product
life. What you increase in speed you lose in tool life, and vice versa. But the Diagrip2™ offers an excellent
balance of both”, says Michel Hubermont.
The new Husqvarna 1400 Diagrip2™ series will replace the Husqvarna 1200 Diagrip™ series and is
available by the end of 2012. The Diagrip2™ power cutter series S 1400 will be available during spring

Benefits of the Diagrip2™

• Significant speed increase – very good balance of speed and life.
• Smooth and trouble-free sawing, even in heavily reinforced concrete.
• Better retention of diamonds, ensuring maximum utilization. 

Products range with the new Diagrip2™ technology
• Wall saw blades
• Floor saw blades
• Power cutter blades
• Drill bits

For more information, please contact:

Helena Thiel, Vice President Marketing, Husqvarna Construction Products
Tel: +46 (0)31-94 90 08 Email: helena.thiel@husqvarnagroup.com