New Husqvarna K 6500 Ring – PRIME™ electric ring cutter

tags power cutting, power_cutter, prime
Husqvarna is now launching a new electric ring cutter within the PRIME™ product range – the new generation of high performance technology for electric cutting equipment. Husqvarna K 6500 Ring, together with the corresponding PRIME power pack PP 65, provide the user with the most efficient electric ring cutter on the market.
15. ledna 2014

Husqvarna DM 650 – a powerful electric PRIME™ low weight drill motor

tags drilling, drilling_systems, prime
Husqvarna has launched– a new electric drill motor within the PRIME™ product range. Together with the corresponding power pack Husqvarna PP 65, it is powerful and easy to operate. Thanks to the significantly low weight and easy setup, it is suitable for most drilling applications.
11. dubna 2013

Husqvarna K 6500 - electric power cutter with powerful performance

tags K_6500, power_cutter
Husqvarna continuously strive towards offering their customers innovative and powerful machines. As a result, the company has launched an electric power cutter within the PRIME™ product range – the new generation of high performance technology for electric cutting equipment. Husqvarna K 6500, together with the corresponding power pack PP 65, provide the user with the most efficient electric power cutter on the market.
11. dubna 2013

Husqvarna Construction launches new Diagrip2™

tags Diagrip2, diamond_tools
High cutting speed, improved flexibility and top balance of speed and tool life. This is what the new updated Diagrip2™ will offer its users. With an optimal distribution of diamonds and specially designed segments, Diagrip2™ will cut faster and smoother through heavily reinforced concrete than any other diamond blade that we know of – up to 30 percent faster than existing blades.
20. března 2013

New Husqvarna K 760 - top seller improved in every detail

tags K_760, power_cutter
With the launch of the new Husqvarna K 760, Husqvarna takes yet another step toward increased user-friendliness. Optimised engine performance, enhanced startability and ergonomics are just some of the areas that have been improved in the new K 760. The result is a powerful, efficient and reliable all-round power cutter, with a further enhanced power/weight ratio and substantially reduced emissions.
28. února 2013

DXR 300 - high stability demolition robot for longer reach

tags demolition robot, DXR, DXR_300
The new Husqvarna DXR 300 is a powerful addition to Husqvarna’s range of remote demolition robots. With 22 kW, the robust DXR 300 offers efficient demolition in tough environments. Not least because of the new outriggers that deliver superior stability and has the ability to carry more than 400 kg of workload.
18. února 2013

DXR 270 - a compact demolition robot for flexible use

tags demolition robot, DXR, DXR_270
Lightweight, compact, stable and with high manoeuvrability – these are all main features of the latest addition to Husqvarna’s demolition robot family. DXR 270, equipped with the new outriggers, provides top stability and reach.
18. února 2013

HiPERFLOOR® helps the next generation.

tags DC 5500, Hiperfloor, PG 820, Surface Preparation
HiPERFLOOR® was selected as the flooring option, as students at the Master of Architecture program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture searched for an environmentally friendly flooring option for their graduate project. Together with local flooring contractor, Mike Denny of Artistic Concrete Surfaces, the students have designed and built a sustainable concrete floor in campus landmark Galileo Pavilion.
5. října 2012

The easiest way to restore a concrete floor

tags floor_leveling, floor_restoration, grinders, PG_280, PG_400, surface_preparation
Concrete grinding is the simplest and most efficient method for leveling and restoring concrete flooring. A good floor grinder with diamond tools will quickly loosen old floor coatings such as paint, epoxy or carpet glue, while creating a perfect base for the new floor covering. Better still, you don't even need to be a professional - anyone can use Husqvarna's smaller models of floor grinders.
15. června 2012

Husqvarna renovates olympic arena in Brazil

tags DM_280, FS_400, K_3600, TS_350
There is a construction boom in Brazil. The host of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics is busy building an infrastructure that can cope with the two mega events. One of the most prestigious projects is the remodeling of Maracana, the ancient open-air stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Husqvarna is a proud supplier in the project.
4. června 2012