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Husqvarna Spreader cyclone

Spreader Cyclone

A high quality spreader for professional use. Can be used for spreading salt, sand, gravel, fertilizer or seeds in particle sized up to 6 mm. Delivered complete with cables, control panel and fixing brackets. All functions handled from the control panel at driver's seat; spreader disc on/off, slider open/close and stepless disc speed (80-600 cm). Stepless spreading quantity dispensing via dispensing slider on the spreader. Spreader is easily tilted back when opening engine hood on the Front mower. Container with residual drainage. All metal parts such as the frame, slider and spreading disk are made from rust-free stainless steel. Special, waterproof agitator technology for the even flow of materials. Relief roof in the hopper with shaker function using spring steel as standard.

  • Arbeitsbreite, min/max
    31.50 in
  • Arbeitsbreite, min/max
    80 cm
  • Arbeitsbreite, min/max
    236.22 in
  • Arbeitsbreite, min/max
    600 cm
CHF 4 680.00 inkl. MWST


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