Starting the chainsaw

The chain brake should be activated when you start the chainsaw. Many chainsaw models can be started in what is known as half-throttle position. The chain can then rotate if the chain brake is not activated. There are two safe ways to start your chainsaw: on the ground or with the saw between your legs. Observe national regulations. The controls may vary by saw model. Start by reading the instruction manual for your saw.

Starting a cold engine

If you start the saw on the ground, place it on a flat surface. Make sure the guide bar is free from knots or similar that may hook up in the chain when the saw starts. 

1. Activate the chain brake.
2. Press the decompression control (on certain models).
3. Activate the choke. If the saw is equipped with Air Purge/fuel pump, press the bulb a few times until the fuel becomes visible and enters the carburettor.
4.Start on the ground: Support with your right foot in the rear handle and keep a firm grip on the front handle with your left hand.
Start with the saw between your legs: Place the rear handle between your left thigh and behind your right knee. Hold the front handle firmly with your left hand.
5. Pull the starter handle with your right hand. Repeat until the engine fires.
6. Push the choke (half-throttle) and pull until the saw starts.
7. Accelerate so that the engine idles and then release the chain brake.

Starting a hot engine

The chainsaw starts without the choke when the engine is hot. Follow the instructions above, but omit the points relating to the choke. If the engine is difficult to start, apply half-throttle. You access the half-throttle function by first fully activating the choke. Then move the control back.