Safety inspection and service

You should service your chainsaw regularly to maintain the saw's functions and efficiency. You can do basic service yourself according to the service points below. The safety features should be checked at each use (points 1–5).
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1. CHAIN BRAKE Clean and check the function. Read more in the section Start-up inspection.
2. CLUTCH COVER Clean the brake band for the chain brake. Replace the brake band if it is damaged or severely worn.
3. THROTTLE Check that the throttle lock works and that it is not damaged.
4. CHAIN CATCHER Make sure it is intact and is not loose. Replace the chain catcher if it is damaged.
5. STOP SWITCH Check that the stop switch is working properly.
6. CRACKS Make sure that no cracks have appeared in the safety features and other components on the chainsaw. Replace them if they could jeopardise your safety. If in doubt, consult your nearest dealer.
7. BOLTS AND NUTS Check regularly that all nuts and bolts are tightened, especially on the muffler.
8. STARTER Clean the air intake, check the functionality and wear.
9. CHAIN Sharpen and check the chain tension and condition. See separate section.
10. GUIDE BAR Clean the holes for lubrication and chain groove. The guide bar should be turned at regular intervals to ensure more even wear. Also file off any burrs using a flat file.
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11. GUIDE BAR AND CHAIN LUBRICATION Check the function. Read more in the section Start-up inspection.
12. AIR FILTER Clean the air filter in a lukewarm soap solution. If the chainsaw is fitted with centrifugal cleaning (Air Injection), you do not need to clean as often.
13. CYLINDER Clean the cooling fins regularly to preserve the engine’s cooling function.
14. FLYWHEEL Clean the fins for sustained fan/cooling effect.
15. CLUTCH Lubricate the clutch bearing through a hole in the crankshaft (on some models) or directly on the bearing (other models).
16. OPERATOR'S MANUAL Read more about service and maintenance in the chainsaw user’s manual. For other service and repair work, contact your local servicing dealer.