Nature conservation

Nature conservation is a natural part of modern forestry. When planning to fell individual trees or a larger forest area, we need to take the plants and animals that live in the forest into consideration. When we fell trees, we must also consider the people who enjoy the forest, for example hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Special consideration must be taken when felling near densely populated areas. Those who use the forest must think about it from a longer perspective, over several generations. The forest should continue to provide valuable wood in the future, while sustaining habitats for plants and animals.

Responsible planning

Planning for felling a stand includes both felling plans and environmental protection plans. Government agencies in many countries set requirements in order to ensure responsible nature conservation when felling trees.

Environmental considerations vary between different countries and types of forests. Find out which regulations and recommendations apply in your country before you begin felling. Information is available from forestry and environmental agencies in the applicable country.